Reservations: Booking Conditions 

The reservation conditions and policies for rental properties are included on this page: General, Contract and Warranties, Reservations, Payments, Cancellation and Access.


Booking Conditions

1. We expect that your booking is for holiday purposes only. The property must not be used for gatherings, such as weddings or parties or for business purposes except by prior special arrangement.

2. The property will not be available before 4pm on the first day of your booking and we ask that you depart by 10am on your last day to allow the housekeeper ample time to prepare the house for the next guest.

3. Excluding babies in cots, the number of people occupying the property and its grounds must not exceed the number listed. You may invite additional guests to visit during your stay, however they must not stay overnight.

4. No fireworks can be ignited under any circumstances at any time.

Contract and Warranties

5. Once we have accepted your booking and payment, a contract has been entered into, which includes these conditions. Payment of all required amounts when they are due is of the essence of the contract.

6. When you make a booking you warrant that you are over 18 years old and accept full responsibility for all persons who will use the property during the period booked.


7. Provisional bookings made by telephone will remain firm provided we receive the amount due within the period agreed at the time of booking (usually one to seven days). Please note that any provisional bookings made by email need to be confirmed over the telephone.

8. If your holiday starts within three months of the date you make your booking, you are required to pay the total price at the time of booking.

9. If your holiday starts more than three months from the date you make the booking, you are required to pay a deposit of one third of the cost of your holiday at the time of booking.

10. If prices have not yet been fixed for the period booked, then the deposit is one third of the current price. Please note: the deposit secures only the booking and not the price. In some cases prices may change. The price will not change if you pay in full at the time of booking.

11. Bookings must be for our normal booking periods. In the case of bookings for more than one week, we provide linens and towels for each successive week, but will only remake beds with the new linen if you ask for this one month before your holiday.

12. If you pay a deposit, the balance must be received at least three months before the beginning of the period booked. We will remind you of this but if we do not receive the balance when due, we shall, with regret, cancel your booking and a charge will apply.


13. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and personal or bank check made payable to the Landmark Trust USA.

Loss or Damage

14. When you book, you agree to indemnify us against all loss and damage arising (including unreasonably large amounts of cleaning) directly or indirectly to the property and its contents from any deliberate or negligent act or omission by yourself, or any person or animal accompanying you, in those two properties where pets are permitted, and, without limitation of the foregoing to pay us forthwith upon written demand our costs in making good any such loss and damage and cleaning.

15. We shall not be responsible for any loss, or damage to any belongings, or injuries sustained by you or any member of your party.


16. If you cancel a booking for any reason, you must notify us in writing by email, fax or mail only. Your deposit is non-refundable and the following cancellation charges will apply:

-More than 90 days before the start date:

Your deposit

-89 to 60 days before the start date:

50% of the total rental

-59 to 30 days before the start date:

75% of the total rental

-29 days or less to start date:

90% of the total rental

-On start date or early departure:

100% of total rental

In addition, you will be responsible for any travel costs incurred by you in relation to the booking. We do not offer cancellation insurance and strongly recommend that you have your own coverage.

17. We can in some cases transfer bookings to a new date for a charge of $75.00 for each booking, plus any additional rent provided that the requested change is no fewer than three months before the start of the holiday. (If there is a surplus we will hold that against a future booking and will not refund it).

18. We may cancel a booking at any time before the date on which it begins. We would expect to do this only for essential building work or for some other reason unforeseen by us at the time your booking was accepted. In this unlikely event we shall refund in full all money received by us for the booking, but will not have any liability beyond this, and, without limitation of the foregoing, we will not have any liability for travel costs incurred by you in relation to the booking.

19. We accept no liability for any works or activity of any sort occurring on any premises adjoining or neighboring our property, nor shall we be responsible for making any inquires about the likelihood of, or providing any information to you about, any such works or activity.


20. Anyone with our authority may have access during your stay. This is unlikely to happen, but if it does, we will give you as much warning as we can. There will be no need for you to remain in the property, since one of our staff will accompany the visitor.