The driveway approach to Naulakha has new color

The day lilies have bloomed and the rich thick stand borders the driveway welcomes you as you approach Naulakha. These flowers add great color to the dining room table or anywhere else in the house… enjoy…..2017-07-07 11.08.47

Day Lilies at the Dutton Farm House

This row of day lilies is still very young has not opened fully but adds wonderful color to your front yard. Not only do you have these wildflowers but there is also a very healthy crop of wild raspberries behind the house on the edge of the mowed lawn. Enjoy them both, bring color into the house and add wild fruit to your breakfast. The fruit is safe, we do not spray.2017-07-07 11.24.35

Day Lilies at the Kipling Carriage House

This is a spectacular time of year. First we had rhododendrons, then wild iris with deep luxurious purples, and now day lilies. These abound everywhere, free for the picking, to enjoy at your bedside or dinner table. Come stay with us!
2017-07-07 11.11.01