Snow in April?!

I went out to the Amos Brown House this morning, early, to get pictures of the changing seasons believing that the meadow would be turing green and the trees would be starting to leaf. What a shock!! It snowed last night so the ground had a light dusting, albeit light, but still, snow on the 23rd of April? Inspite of the snow, it is still a beautiful peaceful spot.

Jackson Gillman

Jackson Gillman has been interpreting Rudyard Kipling stories for the past 10 years, offering entertaining day-times sessions for elementary school students as well as evening sessions for adults. Jackson is a talented engaging entertainer who has thoroughly absorbed Kipling’s character as well as many of his stories. His skill can really bring a story to life and we happily encourage any guest interested in a Kipling Evening to get in touch with him,

Just So Stories Event

This year’s annual early April Just So Stories event treated over 300 local elementary school kids to renditions of How the Elephant got its Trunk and other fabulous Kipling stories. As always, Jackson Gillman was a master at transforming Kipling’s characters into living breathing “live” animals that thoroughly entertained. This event has always been offered free to area elementary schools and teachers generally anticipate the event, prep their kids, then afterwards ask them to write their own “Just So Story”. We have an album full of their creations. Jackson also offers an evening performance for adults that includes a sumptuous dessert. This year the demand for the adult night was so overwhelming that we scheduled 2 nights to full houses and very satisfied guests. They not only listened to the stories but had plenty of time for the tour and to browse through Naulakha. The two nights were powerful!!