Apples surrounding Amos Brown House!!

I just came back to the office from a visit to the Amos Brown House, Whitingham, VT, where I was astounded to find it surrounded by apples, 5 different kinds of apples, and a pear tree! All six trees are loaded with fruit, a spectacular extra bonus for our Amos Brown guests.. Pick to your … >More

Snow in April?!

I went out to the Amos Brown House this morning, early, to get pictures of the changing seasons believing that the meadow would be turing green and the trees would be starting to leaf. What a shock!! It snowed last night so the ground had a light dusting, albeit light, but still, snow on the … >More

Jackson Gillman

Jackson Gillman has been interpreting Rudyard Kipling stories for the past 10 years, offering entertaining day-times sessions for elementary school students as well as evening sessions for adults. Jackson is a talented engaging entertainer who has thoroughly absorbed Kipling’s character as well as many of his stories. His skill can really bring a story to … >More

Just So Stories Event

This year’s annual early April Just So Stories event treated over 300 local elementary school kids to renditions of How the Elephant got its Trunk and other fabulous Kipling stories. As always, Jackson Gillman was a master at transforming Kipling’s characters into living breathing “live” animals that thoroughly entertained. This event has always been offered … >More

Benefit Performance at Rudyard Kipling’s House, Thursday April 9th, 7 PM

Adults wondering how the elephant got his trunk or the camel got his hump should come to Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha on Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 pm. On that night, The Landmark Trust USA will be presenting Jackson Gillman in a benefit performance of Kipling’s enchanting children’s tales, the Just So Stories. Reservations are required … >More

!Maple Sugar Season is Here!

The Sugar Houses are steamy, the sap is running, and the air is sweet. We converted a 1950’s Sugar House into a vacation retreat for 2, (and your dog), located very near an active sugar house. Come up and enjoy this special early spring activity, get your own very fresh supply of maple syrup, while … >More

Kipling’s Carriage House has a “new” leather sofa

For years, a leather sofa circa 1890 was sitting under cover in the Hog Barn collecting dust, while drying and aging. Because it is a clear match to the upholstery styles in Naulakha, we spent hours and several pints of leather renew, bringing this piece of history back to life. It now sits in the … >More

Naulakha on Boston Chronicle

On February 25th, Ted Reinstein of Boston Chronicle aired a half hour piece on Brattleboro area including Naulakha. Kelly Carlin was interviewed and featured as she & Ted toured the house and here is the link. Enjoy!.

25th Anniversary edition LTUK Handbooks

We recently received 500 copies of this glorious edition of the LTUK handbook. This is a special edition commemorating the handbook, LTUK, and the success of their years of efforts. We will happily send one off to you for a nominal amount, just please get in touch. Wishing you well…Tristam

New wifi at Dutton Farm House

Dutton Farm House now has wifi service! Just two days ago, the local internet service provider connected Dutton to its neighborhood cable network. The service has been tested and works beautifully. We hope you’ll enjoy this added feature without compromising your time strolling the lane or wandering the forests..