Microwaves at long last

After receiving comments from many of our guests, we finally realized that microwaves are just too much a part of the convenience of daily lives so each of our historic homes now has one.  We hope this addition to the kitchen will give you more flexibility, more utility..

The Sugar House has a new Bed!

We have just removed the full bed and replaced it with a queen that is super comfortable. Tom added bedside tables so there is a new look!  We have been debating this change and finally accomplished this first one.  We are now making plans to improve both the upstairs corner bedroom in the Dutton Farm … >More

Wifi at the Sugar House

The trucks were there yesterday, the cables laid out, and there was a promise that the Sugar House would have service before next weekend! Many of you have asked and after patiently waiting our turn, it is finally here…. enjoy..

Naulakha gets a face-lift

As Kipling’s home is now 112 years old, it deserves care and attention to normal wear and tear.  Just his past week, we had the painters scrapping, cleaning and painting the north and south ends as well as the porte-cochère. The house looks great, ready for the next six years!  Come and have a look!

Press Release for Rudyard Kipling Young Writers Award

Here is the link to the press release describing the award ceremony and the challenge.  This news piece was released to many regional news media. http://www.reformer.com/education/ci_29987789/landmark-trust-recognizes-first-rudyard-kipling-award-winners  

Rudyard Kipling Young Writers Award

In early May, we launched this award as a way to promote The Landmark Trust USA’s 25th anniversary. We secured help from 3 teachers to frame the submissions, 5 judges to read & evaluate, and a venue in the main theater in the Latchis. The judges are all accomplished authors and teachers who divided the … >More

An inspired artist

One of the great privileges of inspecting houses is the chance to look at the log book and the notes or messages left behind. This morning I was out at Amos Brown House and found this fabulous pencilsketch of the lane in front of the house, stone walls, and hay fields. I also discovered recently … >More

Apples surrounding Amos Brown House!!

I just came back to the office from a visit to the Amos Brown House, Whitingham, VT, where I was astounded to find it surrounded by apples, 5 different kinds of apples, and a pear tree! All six trees are loaded with fruit, a spectacular extra bonus for our Amos Brown guests.. Pick to your … >More

Snow in April?!

I went out to the Amos Brown House this morning, early, to get pictures of the changing seasons believing that the meadow would be turing green and the trees would be starting to leaf. What a shock!! It snowed last night so the ground had a light dusting, albeit light, but still, snow on the … >More

Jackson Gillman

Jackson Gillman has been interpreting Rudyard Kipling stories for the past 10 years, offering entertaining day-times sessions for elementary school students as well as evening sessions for adults. Jackson is a talented engaging entertainer who has thoroughly absorbed Kipling’s character as well as many of his stories. His skill can really bring a story to … >More